Short Assignment 4 : Audience


Who do I write to? Who would I write to? I’ve never given it a real thought. Even now my basic premise is that I’m writing to to nobody in particular and like a letter in a bottle, maybe, someday, someone, maybe on another shore or another world, may find my bottle and read the contents before scrawling something on it and tossing it back.

My hypothesis is that this school of thought comes from the unique time in which I live. generations before mine wrote and submitted essays, mailed letters, spoke at colleges. However, my own grew up during the epoch of the weblog. Here I sit, in an alcove in the performing arts center at BCC, poking at these sticky plastic squares and staring at a white screen. When I press “Publish” these words will be spirited away by electrons, faeries, djinni or some such into this place that doesn’t actually physically exist outside where someone poking at another series of plastic squares can pluck it from the aether and read it.

Maybe the issue is that I have no experience outside of the blog format. Maybe I am a hopeless solipsist. My definition of “audience” has always been “whoever I’m standing in front of today”. Whether I’m giving a speech, drafting a design doc or musing on whether a player driven choice is even a real thing, the process is similar.

Well, no. That is wrong.

The audience of Livingston’s speech might shine some light on the matter. I don’t really feel like he was addressing the people in the crowd in his speech. I am tempted to argue that he was addressing the archetype of The Educator. If such is the case, if you can choose to write to someone who only exists from a philosophical standpoint then I could have been writing to The Designer all along.

If such is the case, maybe I’ve been writing to The Designer all along. Maybe my audience has never been anything other than this platonic ideal. Even here I seem to be avoiding the subject of defining the term. Actually, after all of this, I think I am going to completely ignore the original prompt, as I find myself honestly avoiding it anyway.

So, sorry,

I guess.


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