Short Assignment #6

I realize now that my previous essay might have been overly broad, so I will state a much smaller question: what are some concerns we might have to consider before true AI reaches cultural saturation?

I ask this because we are (at most) 100 years out from an AI as sophisticated as Data/Lore from Star Trek. By then, we will need to have a few ideas and systems in place. Things like laws, morals and definitions will have to be in place.

For example, I expect we will need to define the difference between AI and Virtual Intelligence (VI). We will also have to define rights exclusive to organic and artificial lifeforms (as the two will have fundamentally different capacities).

This research project will likely have impact on or relevance to people working in the fields of robotics, engineering, non-video game programming, philosophy, art and sociology.

the intended publication for this paper would be any journal relating to robotics and computer science as well as industry facing magazines like Kotaku or Escapist.


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