Short Assignment #7 : Status Report

In my research I haven’t so much hit a hiccup as I have writer’s block. I know where I want to get, where my research is leading and how I plan on harmonizing the two.

Many of my sources talk about the nature of binary based logic; the remarkable similarity between all of the modern forms of data processing, biological, mechanical, physical, and electrical. I once believed that quantum computing (which allows a piece of data to be in a theoretically infinite number of states at the same time) would be where we finally get the processing power to emulate consciousness, however, even that limitation seems to be fallacious. It would appear that the only serious thing holding back true AI is in computer science (that is to say, we don’t know how to do it) and raw power (as in, how big is the machine we would need to run it).

Obviously, much of my research has lead me to discussions on the nature of hearts and souls. I personally don’t like it when metaphysics get involved. From a mathematical standpoint the thing probably doesn’t exist and only muddies the conversation with religion anyway. With such a decision out went sources like and EBESCO.

I can’t think of any currently missing information. Ive found so much great data and learned that computer science has advanced so much further than I initially suspected. I look forward to continuing my paper.


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