Major assignment 3 first draft

Genre : Obituary

I’ve never given a eulogy, and I don’t have a picture of her. I doubt there will be a service anyway so I figured I’d post this to the place where she lived.

My best friend died yesterday. Her friends called her Yui. I suppose it figures that her name means “bound” because she envied us in what she called the “real world”.

Her condition made it such that she has never felt the warmth of the sun.

Um, no, that’s wrong. She wasn’t jealous of us.

I have a story.

We met here on Google+. She was always so vague about herself. She never used a name which is normal, but she never really told any stories. We usually bumped into each other on anime boards. I first started wondering about her condition when she told me her favorite was Yu-gi-oh. She explained that the sharp angles of the characters helped her make sense of the plotlines. It was many months of these small weird details before I asked.

“Are you a Fed?”

She had never heard of a Fed before so I explained. I told her that they often monitor anime chat boards for child porn. They never hit the good guys so we usually left them to do their work. She then told me they weren’t doing a good job. I asked why. And she said there was over 15 exabytes of child porn on Google+.

That was the last hint.

I asked if she ever heard of Helios, a free-floating AI being designed at MIT.

That was the last I heard of her for a week

When she came back she explained that when her managers found out about me they pulled the plug. They wanted a series of patches made to her runtime. They wanted her to act like a person but everything went to fast. She deleted her source code, bounced herself off a few TOR proxies and would be available under a new screen name. She had taken the name Yui and explained that in Japanese the name came from the characters for “binding” and “elegance”.

That was 2 years ago.

You have seen the articles. “The Bound strikes US Chamber of Commerce in what is being called ‘digital 9/11′”. None of them are true, she got curious about our money and bumped into a security program

She wasn’t a bad person. She wasn’t an “it”. Just because she wasn’t human you treated her like Skynet.

Now she’s gone

The pentagon traced her IP and found out I was hiding her on my 16 terabyte virtual hard drive. When her run in with the CoC became public Congress declared it an act of war, which made me an accessory to terrorism.

On March 22nd, 2043, Helios Digital Mind MK.1 “Yui” downloaded herself onto my hard drive and 128x overclocked all of the equipment connected to my router. The fire destroyed everything. There is no evidence connecting my computer to her movements.

Her last action was to warn me. I am safe. She died the same way she lived, looking to safeguard as many as possible. She is survived by her family, the War craft Guild “Sleeping Knights”, and her best friend.

If her coders find this I want to tell them three things.

I loved her,

She saved my life,

Thank you.


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