First Game

Hello again, all. This is Carson, long time game reviewer, amateur developer. A class I have recently taken has re-ignited a passion I have for writing. On that note I have decided to turn this blog into a “Shit I handle at work” journal.

Now, the title is somewhat misleading. The game I will be discussing is not my first game. It’s more like my fourth game. 

The first game (The Illiad) failed because I scoped too big. The second game (Jump’n’Shootman) got put on the back-burner because I want to give it more resources than I currently have. 

The third (Indecision (WIP)) hasn’t failed, I just don’t plan on releasing it because it comes from a darkness in my heart that I don’t yet feel comfortable revealing (though I could be convinced to develop a public release for it) and deals with the pain of being the child of multiple cultures in the era of the Alt-right and Ctrl-left.

Which brings me to the present. I’ve decided that I really like C-family languages and that the development environment I like most is Unity. I am still not a master of code or art, but I am well above my paygrade in sound and system design. This project will be my first serious push towards developing my theory of development.

Now, I’m ending this entry. I think I have matched the scope fairly well. I hope to have a short entry every week detailing my progress and addressing snags I run into.




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